About Our Team

Laura  Tour Director & Guide

Raised in the Seattle rain, Laura wasn’t sure that she’d ever settle down. She went to college in Boston, guided walking tours in Paris (300+ visits with the Mona Lisa), and has traveled the world performing and studying music, history, and cultures. But after moving to ATX in 2013 for grad school and good weather, she got hooked and finally found a place to call home. This self-proclaimed research nerd loves fact-checking stories and uncovering the secrets of her city. When not on tours, she can be found teaching voice & music classes and taking creek walks with her dog.

Favorite Austin Taco: Suerte

Kelly  Co-Founder 

If you don’t find Kelly explaining to someone the 100 reasons why she loves Austin, Texas, you might find her speaking about her native Rhode Island roots. She will likely tell you that Rhode Island is 3% bigger at low tide! Kelly loves trying new restaurants, craft beer, frosé (a.k.a. frozen rosé), traveling, and spending time with her family and friends including her 13 year old dachshund, Chase. Kelly prefers to be outside year-round.

Favorite Austin Taco: Veracruz All Natural


Originally from Arkansas, Kelsey moved to Austin in 2014 after falling in love with the city’s music history. In 2017, University of Texas granted her a MS in Historic Preservation, where she wrote about sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll in 1970s Austin. Her hobbies include improv and stand up comedy, seeing live music, and attempting to earn the approval of her roommate’s cat. She’s slowly getting better at improv; no luck so far with the cat.

Favorite Austin Taco: San Juanitas


Korie has had an Austin zip code for over 20 years! While she spent the last six years leading group tours all around the United States, she’s ready to keep things local. As a concierge she’s active in the Austin social scene and always eager to give a great recommendation. Whether its a five star dining experience or neighborhood dive bar, she’s got it covered. Her hobbies include running, trash TV, and drinking her body weight in iced coffee.

Favorite Austin Taco: Maria’s Taco Express


Willy was born and raised in Austin, chasing the Austin High school bus from the womb. After being crowned Prom King at Austin High, he attended college in Liverpool, UK. Moving back home, he’s been playing in bands, gigging the Austin Music Scene, and directing film endeavors. Check out Icebreaker on Amazon Prime & catch his residency at Hole in the Wall every Sunday @ 9 PM!

Favorite Austin Taco: Tyson’s


Though originally from California, Natalie has found a way to contribute to the artistic community in Austin. She is the co-founder of a free, nonprofit magazine called Almost Real Things that celebrates creativity in every realm. She also writes and creates her own artwork, which you can find showcased around the city! Since moving to Austin, she has eaten more tacos than she had previously in her 26 years combined.

Favorite Austin Taco: Las Trancas