Barbecue. Breakfast Tacos. Live Music.

These defining features of Austin are what most visitors have at the top of their lists of things to do. With little guidance, it’s easy to check every one of them off the list. However, in the “Live Music Capital of the World” the abundance of shows makes it hard to navigate which one is right for you, especially if you’re traveling with kids under 21. An underage visitor may feel disadvantaged in a city with so many bars. Luckily there are great venues that don’t discriminate based on age. Here are some of our favorites:

Photo Cred: Goff Experiment

Located in the East Riverside area, this venue seems off the beaten path. However once you go inside you’ll find out why. Even with a sold out show, Emo’s is spacious. There are great views from anywhere, clean bathrooms and a delicious Mexican restaurant down the street. Arrive early to find parking on the street and get through security check!

For an authentic Austin music experience, check out an ACL Live performance at Moody Theater. ACL Live is the longest running music series on American television. They host about 100 shows per year, though not all are taped. ACL Live brings a wide variety of acts and internationally touring artists to Austin. Any visitor over the age of 1 will need to purchase a ticket.

Photo Cred: Roger Ho, Roho Foto

The best thing about Stubb’s is that you can watch live music and eat awesome barbecue at the same time. Located in the historic Red River Music District, Stubb’s has both indoor and outdoor stages. Even if you don’t have a ticket, you can hear music blasting from outdoors as you walk along Red River. Pro Tip: wear closed-toed shoes if you’re going to watch a band on the outdoor stage. Not only will your feet be more comfortable, but they won’t be dusted with dirt.

Photo Cred: Bells USA

One of my favorite venues in Austin is Mohawk. Not only is it located in the Red River District, but it has two stages, both inside and outside, that offer completely different atmospheres. The inside looks like a cabin (there’s even a large bear statue) and is more intimate. The outside stage has room for everyone, whether you want to dance near the stage or watch from above. You can see large touring bands here as well as some local favorites.

Photo Cred: Mario Villeda

If you’re underage but still want to experience the legendary Dirty 6th (as the locals call it), try seeing a show at The Parish. You can catch a wide range of shows here, from musical legends to up and coming artists and local acts. The venue is completely inside, which gives every show a more intimate feel while also being an awesome spot to people watch from above.

Don’t Forget! Although all of these venues offer all ages shows, make sure to double-check their websites before purchasing any tickets.

Written by: Natalie Earhart